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Dear Sleep,

You know I love you in the biggest way possible.  You are the only one in my life that I make time to be with for 7-8 hours everyday.  I don’t even do that for my husband or my cat or any other member of my family!  (Well, sometimes I spend that amount of time with my sister, but I work with her.  It doesn’t count.)  But you; you I try to commune with.  It’s not that we get together and just hang out on the couch.  No.  I really commune with you.  I show up for you everyday.  I look forward to being with you everyday!  So why have you been skipping our dates?  Was it something I said?  You know I didn’t mean it when I said to Ko that I wish I could get by on just four hours of sleep a day.  That was just talk.  Just rhetorical silliness.  You know I could never be without you for that long!

Please come back to me!  I’ve done all the little things that one is supposed to do to coax you into seeing me again.  I’ve counted sheep until my eyes were fuzzy.  I’ve done imagination exercises and relaxation techniques.  Sure I was more relaxed, but they just couldn’t take your place, my dear sleep.  Nothing compares to you.  Please come back to me, and I promise never to joke about not needing you again.  Tonight I’ll hope to see you in my dreams.

with love and longing,


ps- ok, so that was supposed to be a funny little entry there, but I think it may have just been way too close to the bone, you know?  I thought it might be funny to treat sleep as a recalcitrant lover, but then who else do you spend that amount of time with?  So anybody got any fav tricks they use to get to sleep?  My relationship with sleep is a bit tempestuous for my liking.  We’ll go for weeks in restful bliss and then boom!  Right out of nowhere we’re fighting and not seeing each other anymore and I don’t know what I did.  She’s so unreasonable and won’t talk about it and then 4 or 5 days later she’s back.  Just slinking into my bed, no explanation or anything.  She just knows I’ll take her back no questions asked.  She knows I need her but she doesn’t need me.  Sigh.  She can have anybody she wants, any time.  (funny that I think of Sleep as a she… probably because sleep is tricky for me.  I don’t think I know any guys who don’t just lie down and fall asleep in two minutes flat.  That’s just not the Sleep I know.  Such a harsh mistress…)


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Here is that sweater that caused me so much grief.  It actually looks much better on, but my own personal photographer has gone away for the evening.  It’s very soft and squishy and will be the perfect thing to throw on when the nights get cooler- as soon as I actually finish it!


I know it looks done, but if you look carefully, you’ll see the zipper is sticking out the top because it’s too long.  The zipper is just basted in and is awaiting its final back stitching and I have to fiddle with it to get it to line up just right but that project is going to wait til Saturday.  Why? you ask.  Well, Ko and I and Jennie are going up to the Montreal Jazz Festival for the week to enjoy lots of good music and the lovely city.  We’ll drink lots of sangria in cute outdoor cafes and celebrate liberally on July 5th which is that happy day on which I was born.  Well, it makes me happy anyway.  I will be turning the big 3 6 which means I’m entering my late thirties.  (Cue dirge music.)

But I’m not ready to think about that yet- I’ve got a whole week after all!- so let’s  look at what I did today:


Actually, I finished this one a few days ago, but I’m so delighted with it that I just had to show it off again.  It’s from a Kaffe Fassett fabric which I just love to death- I also have some in red, but am thinking it might be too bright for a skirt.  We’ll have to see.  I may not be able to resist it.

Below is what I’m calling the Cherry Blossom skirt, and this one actually looks better on the hanger.  Bummer.  I’m thinking of doing a bit applique to liven it up.  I’ve been cutting out fabric for a new shirt now for about 2 hours.  God it takes me a long time.  The crafty infidel- slowest crafter on earth.


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Math books are actually going to start printing that equation.  Actually, it will read more like this: If Kylie knits a well thought out pattern in lovely yarn for February but decides to make a few changes, what does she get?  What if those changes involve completely redesigning the base of the sweater on the body and sleeves?  That’s right class, Disaster!(apologies for the word problem, but I don’t actually know how to access all the fun little symbols on my keyboard.  My computer is a big, intriguing mystery just waiting for me to unlock it.)

What you see below are photos of the disaster before I frogged the back.  The sweater is knit in Rowan Calmer (which I love,) and is a Kim Hargreaves sweater from the Calmer Collection book.  Please note that this sweater was started in November ’06 as something to knit on my honeymoon in Paris.  I immediately angered the knitting gods by thinking to myself, “I bet I’ll be able to finish this in that week and a half because there will be so much time in airports, and planes and trains.”  The knitting universe obviously took that as comic relief.


Then I decided in February that I could probably just finish it up by the 15th and then use the 2nd half of the month to finish up another sweater that I have half finished.  Nothing like actually COURTING disaster. 

Now I want you to look carefully at the above picture.  (Sorry it’s so abominable.)  What you’re looking at is the back of the sweater sitting on top of the sleeves.  I took out all the little pollops that I thought were kind of cute, but would look Awful (with a capital A!) on me and replaced them with the Carillon Pattern from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns, page 140.  This looked just great on the sleeves, but when I put it on the back it had an unexpected effect on my knitting group.  I held it up to myself and asked them, “Does this look ok?” and they all burst into snorts and giggles.  Turns out the yarn is so close to my skin colour that the little triangles looked like an artistic rendering of the tops of my butt cheeks sticking out of my jeans.  You can imagine how quickly I frogged that idea!

Here it is languishing at the thought of another ripping session:


Tomorrow: Victory is mine! 

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january2Hickory asked that I update everyone on my progress on the sweater of the month.  Remember that?  Back in January in those heady days of making New Year’s resolutions I decided that I should have a closet full of handmade sweaters.  In fact, it was ridiculous that I didn’t have a closet of handmade sweaters!  I am knitter- hear me roar!  I will go forth and make a sweater a month and I will never be cold or poorly dressed in acrylic ever again.

So I think you all remember January.  A nice green wrap from one of Vogue’s Knitting magazines- I’m sorry I can’t remember the issue right now.  I needed something warm to wrap around me while on the computer in the winter- and lo, it was a raging success!  If I do say so myself.  Very warm, very wrappy.  You can see I’m looking a bit rough in the picture above, and it’s nothing I’d wear out of the house, but none-the-less, a clear victory.

The obligatory close up:


Next up: Disaster

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Let’s Catch uP

officeYou may be wondering why I haven’t been blogging for the past five months so I thought I’d give you a little update.

  1. Ko was in the process of getting a job.  I’m happy to say that his hard work paid off and he landed a fabulous academic job in Colombia, so we’re moving in August to NY City!  But during the process I was the chief cook and bottle washer and I’m not very efficient with my time.  also not a very good cook!  The Boy loves to cook and does a great job of it and I’m happy to be part of a household where having him cook every night is the standard M.O.  Let’s just say that I’m grateful Ko ate as much of my mush as he did.  And I’m also grateful that he got a job and finished and defended his dissertation and now cooks every night again.  Huzzah!
  2. My business got better and I hired on my sister to be my right hand gal.  She’s excellent and loves the work and the months of training really have paid off.  She is now the official brains behind the operation.
  3. We got married again.  Well, actually it was a wedding reception with the world’s longest time period between wedding and reception.  Ko and I got married last September in a small elopement type ceremony, but we thought we’d have a big party on our original date so that his parents could come and we could have all our friends there too.
  4. Because I was getting married again and didn’t have quite enough stress in my life, I decided that I would make my own dress.  It worked pretty well too.  Certainly not traditional, but they don’t call me the craftyinfidel for nothing! (ok, no one actually calls me that, but you could if you like…)
  5. Because I was in the quilt shop to get fabric for the band of the wedding dress, I got completely sucked into fabric and took a quilt class and now my office looks like this and I have 84 quilt squares sitting on my desk waiting to be turned into a quilt.
  6. But that has to wait until I’ve finished making my summer wardrobe: Two more skirts and two shirts to go!  green skirt“>blue skirt They seem to take me about a week a piece at this point, because I really haven’t done much sewing before, (the dress was my second garment,) and I’ll sit there and plan and think “Yes! That’s got to be the way to put that together!” and then I put it together that way and lo, it is not the way to put that together and then I have to rip it out and do it again including the thinking part.  If my mum were reading this right now she’d say, (in a sort of despairing voice,)  “Why don’t you just follow the directions?  They come with the pattern!”  Well, I did that for the dress and it still took me awhile, but for the skirt, I wanted to do some things differently… I am a pattern deviant.  See post 1 below.

    (ps-I’m having a bit of trouble moving pics around in wordpress, so sorry about the dirth of pictures in this long rambly post.  I thought if I put them in in the thumbnail size one could click on them to make them big.  Alas, no.  Also, the pic at the top is my office with sewing machine ensconced.)

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“unbeliever, atheist, freethinker,agnostic.”

Well, we’ll go with “freethinker” in this case.  And perhaps also “unbeliever” in the sense that I am often an unbeliever in following directions to the letter.  I’m a self professed pattern deviant.

I’m starting this because Blogger won’t let me into my blog over at Curiosity As a Sign of Life, (probably because I haven’t posted in so long I no longer exist in cyberspace,) and I’ve really been feeling the uncontrollable urge to write about my projects lately.  So thanks for following me over here.  My goal is to get better at photography so that there will at least be some lovely eye candy to show up for.  Talk to you soon!
ahh sock yarn.

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