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Well, not all the time, but I’ve been here just over two weeks and I’d say that 90% of those days have been spent feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck.  I’ve been thinking about why moving is so exhausting and I think, (and this will be a surprise to no one,) that it’s just all the newness.  Where can I buy groceries?  Curtains?  Yarn?  WherecaI go for a good cup of coffee?  Where the hell is my toothbrush, (underwear, cat food,) that I’m sure I packed in that box/put in that drawer/bought yesterday?  I feel like a little mouse running around a vast maze where any button I push will produce either an electric shock or a nice little treat with no indication on the dial to give me a clue as to which is more likely.

Thank god for knitting.  My needles are always there for me.  I just finished the Afric Cape from Rowan magazine #42 and I almost like it.  It’s very warm and I think the shoulders are very flattering but it does this wierd poochy thing across my belly that I’m just not sure about.  I think I’ll try to wear it out tonight to dinner with my guy and see if it passes muster.  I’ll also take a picture and get it up here and onto Ravelry.  Are you on Ravelry yet?  It’s my new addiction.  If you’re a fiber freak you need to be there.

The background above is of my very favouritest knitting store ever, Knitting Etc in Ithaca.  Still looking for a fav in NYC, but I can tell you that Yarntopia and Purl are way high on the list.


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(edit: I wrote this back in July and apparently forgot to post it. So here it is a day late and a dollar short.)gratuitus yarn pic

And it’s been moving very fast lately.  The first week of July Ko and I went up to Montreal for the Jazz Fest- what a fab time.  I love that city and may even post some photos/stories about it later in the week.  Of course, I only brought one battery for the camera and left the charger at home, so my pics are of the first few days.  Then Ko and I were getting ready to move, which meant that I would see Ko walking around the house pointing the camera at all our furniture and then it would disappear the next day to someone on Craig’s list.  We had the “real” move yesterday to a storage unit until we get an address in NYC, so the house is completely empty.  It feels surreal in a kind of William Gibson novel kind of way because I still have my desk and office set up like normal, but the rest of the house is empty.  I feel like my desk is a little bit of focus in an otherwise blurry house.  A site coming out of the ether. 

I forgot to mention that I did a little work for a group called Impact Development- you can read about their work here.  It’s complicated to explain, but I was working with another teacher and a group of 12 volunteers and we built wigwams for a children’ summer camp.  The other teacher had the job of asking them (and they were new hires for a big corporation,) “what are we learning from this?  How will we use this in the future?” (and I must say she did an excellent job!)  I had the job of saying, “Don’t cut your finger off with that saw!”  Well, it was a little more complicated than that, but it wouldn’t be off the mark to say that I was supposed to think about every possible way a person could hurt themselves on my worksite and then prevent that from happening.  I was sometimes known as the voice of doom and gloom, but for the most part my peeps were  really thoughtful about how they might maim themselves and adjusted accordingly.

So now that I’ve moved and I only have to clean up the house  I’ve started reading the new Harry Potter book which I got last Saturday, and Have forced myself not to read because I knew I’d never get anything done- and I know a couple of you out there have moved recently and YOU KNOW how much has to be done.  Oh my god, I thought I’d never get all that stuff into boxes.  It was just incredible to get the movers in here and see them make such short work of the boxes that I worried I’d packed too heavily.  I had trouble moving just one of those boxes and these guys whipped through carrying three at a time.  They were like machines!  Very friendly, animated, and funny machines.  We might even have them do the “big move” down to NYC.  What impressed me most about our move: we managed to cull everything down to a 10’x10′ storage unit.  Ok, ok I admit that we got rid of most of our furniture, so we’ll have nothing but office chairs to sit on when we get there, but if any of you ever saw my book collection, you’d know that this was really an amazing feat.

Ok, last but not least, now that I’m all packed up and I have access only to a little bit of yarn, I got my invite to Ravelry.  Wheeeeeeee!  I’ve been hopping up and down with joy all morning!  but that joy is tempered by the fact that even though I’m going to have all sorts of time in the coming month, I won’t be able to get my stash set up there in Ravelry because it’s hard to get to.  I admit that I’m making little plans to take the camera out to the storage unit and go to town there photographing.  Yarn would look good in an industrial setting right?

That photo at the top shows a huge ball of Brooks Farms mohair/wool/silk yarn that I just got done knitting into a scarf for my sweet mummy.  It was her birthday on the 21st.  So knitting has happened lately.  I just don’t have any photos of it!

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