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Finished Objects!

So I have actually been doing some knitting- in fact, a ton of knitting- since I got here to the Big Apple and I’ve finally finished some things.

Here are some socks I made from the STR that I bought at Rhinebeck. 


They’re in the colourway Spacedust.  They were a blast to knit and I can’t believe how long they got.  They’re a bit crazy, and I might not wear them in public much, (they’re also so thick- I used the medium weight, that they won’t fit in many of my shoes.)  I wish I’d gone down a needle size for the ribbing because they don’t stay up very well.  I could unravel them and do some decreases and knit the ribbing again, but how likely is that?  I’ll probably just apply my learned lessons on the next pair.  I’ve got one more ball of STR in a nice dark green almost solid colourway.  These socks are my own pattern, knit two at the same time on one circ using magic loop.  I happen to be teaching a class on that at the moment at Yarntopia.  These babies knitted up super fast- I think I spent a total of two weeks knitting them.  Hard to say because I kept putting them down to work on this:


This is a fair isle bag that I’ve been designing with a class in mind at Yarntopia.  The idea is that it gets progressively harder as you knit.  Those are some gauge swatches at the bottom there.  I’ll have more photos once I get going on it again.

I just found these socks, mostly completed,


while I was organizing the stash a little bit so I took them to my parents’ house to knit on through Thanksgiving.  Again, they’re knit two at a time in magic loop from the toe up.  It’s my technique of choice on sooooo many things.  I was trying to work out a heel here and I have to admit it’s not my favourite.  It’s a square heel, with eye of the partridge stitch and it actually fits pretty well.  I just don’t like that square heel for some reason.  I think it is the fit- while they fit well, they just don’t feel quite right.  Hmm…  Luckily I’ve bought Cat Bordhi’s book New Pathways for Sock Knitters and it rocks.  She has all these master patterns in there, including a toe up heel with a heel flap and now I don’t have to do allthe math myself.  I love that woman- especially as I’ve never gotten the math right and end up frustrated every time I try to do a heel flap on a toe up sock.  There are some things I just can’t wrap my head around when I try to work them out myself, but when I read her master patterns, it’s all so elegant and clear.  If you’re a sock knitter and you haven’t picked up that book yet, I would highly recommend it.  I use it all the time.

Here’s another pattern I’ve been working on. 


It’s a hat to go with Eunny’s Anemoi mittens


which I’ve had on the needles forever.  (They just keep getting bumped for other stuff because I have to concentrate on them and I’ve got too many other patterns to concentrate on at the moment.)  I’m calling the pattern Fiddlehead, because my friend Julibeth thought they looked like fiddle head ferns.  But of course, I haven’t finished it because the decreases aren’t going quite right and I got mad at it.  This seems to be a theme with me.  The knitting hits a snag somewhere and doesn’t look like the picture in my head, so I get mad at it and punish it by putting it aside for awhile.  We can only hope the knitting will learn its lesson.

So here’s some noodling around that I’ve been doing. 


I’m trying to put something together for the call for submissions of Interweave Knit’s next Fall’s issue.  So far, nothing is working as I would like it to, so there’s a lot of knitting sitting around here on needles learning to behave.  I may have to rethink this strategy…


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Ah Rhinebeck

How do I adore thee?  Let me count the ways.

1. The trip up on Metro North along the beautiful Hudson River.  All I could think was, “Look!  The trees are turning up here!  There are fields!  Open fields!”  As if I’m not a farm girl who’s been around open fields all her life.  Guess I missed them.
2. Julibeth, our gracious hostess, and her sweet family.  Here we’re modelling the coats that we bought- yes they are the same! made by Fenwick Manor Farms.  That’s her son in this photo.  He’s such a ham- and a knitter too!  One of my favourite moments in the weekend was when we were being called to dinner Friday night and L said, “I just have to finish this row!”  Julibeth and Pete and their two lovely kiddos opened up their house for the second year in a row to 8 crazy knitters with four others coming and going.  They should be worshipped for their patience.

3.  I get to see all my Girls! (and some Boys too!)  Here are some of us outside of Morehouse Merino at the Fork In The Road.  (Some sculptor is just too clever for their own good.)

That’s Andrea, me, Hickory, Dawn and Julibeth.  Gosh, we’re cute.  Here’s Bill, (Dawn’s husband, and the only man I know who can give Julibeth’s husband Peter a run for the title of Most Supportive of Knitters.  On a side note, I asked if I could send my husband up to Pete for him to whip into shape, but he said there’s a long line ahead of Ko.  Sigh.)  Anyway, here’s Bill holding forth on some subject or other.

with Marylin, Debbie, Meredith and Julibeth held wrapt with attention.

4.  Stash enhancement!
Brooks Farms- enough for a sweater.
Socks That Rock! Socks that Rock!

Gorgeous Coriedale roving that I will just have to look at for awhile until a spinning wheel magically appears in my apartment.

5. Real, live animals! (That are not squirrels. We have a lot of squirries down here.) Some sheep:

Another sheepie

And yet more sheep. This one is being sheared. The farmers put them into this strange muzzle contraption which lifts their heads up. This one didn’t seem to mind it at all and the owner said, “He’s not sleeping, he’s meditating.” Namaste, dude.

There were also many many alpaca and llamas, but I apparently didn’t find them as photogenic because I have no photos of them. Sorry.

6. It comes around every year. Can’t wait to see you all next year! Big smooches- sorry to take so long to get this out. We were experiencing technical difficulties with photoshop.

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