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I know she’s way too big to be labeled a kitten, but she is darn cute…

I hope your christmas was as fun as mine was and that you’re now soaking groggily in goodwill, shortbread and eggnog fumes after having sent your guests and family on their way!


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Turquoise bliss

Don’t you just love the word turquoise?  It’s such a foreign sounding word- and I just looked it up in Wikipedia and found out it’s a French word.  Probably used because the stone was traded in Turkish bazaars and that’s where the French came across it.  Anyway, I digress.  I just love the color of deep turquoise as in the sweater below:


Sorry about the weird green shirt underneath it.  Didn’t think about that before I took the pics.  Ah well.  You might recognize this yarn from my Monday morning still life post


It’s a sweater that has two purposes.  The first is that I just desperately need a sweater and it’s damn cold!  It’s knitting up very fast on size 5 needles (which would probably be 7s to everyone else as I knit so loosely.)

The second purpose is to be a pattern for my top down sweater class at Yarntopia.  I’ll have to make up a different sample though because I want to wear this sweater and it’s not made from yarn in Dona’s store.  The pattern is very simple and can be embellished miriad ways.  Here’s a detail of the cable that runs down the shoulders to the wrists.  I love how the ribbed cable lies so flat.


 And here’s a sundrenched picture that’s a bit closer to the real colour.


Hope your day is sundrenched too!

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A visit from Dawn

Dawn came down from Beacon on Monday to stomp around the city with me and visit knitting stores!   Actually, she came down for the great square sew-up instigated by that great blanket maker of Mason-Dixon fame, Kay, but first we had lunch:


At Sarabeth’s West  Sorry for the tiny little picture.  Let’s just say the lunch was just amazingly delicious and not tiny at all.

The sew-up wasn’t happening until 4pm, so Dawn and I decided to go to Purl because Dawn had never been there before.  Can you believe that?  Our world travelling Dawn had never been to Purl!!!  We of course, had to abandon everything and get ourselves down there immediately.


We went to Purl Patchwork first and then Purl itself and rolled around in all the amazing yarny goodness that Purl is.

I bought a book: Latvian Dreams by Joyce Williams.  I’ve long admired that book and had to snatch it up.  I just love the cover models.  They’re holding a birch log between them and examining it like it’s a rare specimen that just dropped from the sky.  It’s such a beautiful book though, that Dawn and I had to go home and examine it immediately before picking up our knitting bags and heading off to Zabar’s for a pre-sew-up browse of all things edibly wonderful.  God I love that store.  I’ve been scouring their mezzanine of housewares to try to find something for the WH for xmas.

And then for the grand finale, we went to Knitty City for the sew-up:


Here’s our intrepid heroine getting her knit on before Kay showed up with all the squares.


It was a ton of squares, all neatly placed on card stock in the order to be sewn up and apparently a goodly amount of it got done.  I had to leave a little early, but Dawn stayed for the whole thing and even got her sweet mug on the blog of all blogs itself.  check out our intrepid ace knitter as she makes a name for herself in the city.

Come back soon, Dawn.  I had a blast!

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Crank up the Penguin

Our apartment here in NYC has just one thing wrong with it:  It is dry as a desert.   After weeks of waking up with our eyes glued shut and our nasal passages screaming for moisture, we broke down and made a little addition to our family.


This little guy is so darn cute we couldn’t resist him.  When he’s going, steam comes out his beak.  How do they make the steam cold?  Ah, the great mysteries of life…

The penguin (whom we sometimes call Petunia,) has caused some strange conversations to happen.  If the walls were thinner I’d worry what the neighbours might think.

Ko: So did you feel dry last night?

Kylie: Yah, a little.

Ko: Maybe we should crank up the penguin.

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My friend over at Sin City to Slaterville started a Sunday morning still life project yesterday and since I just read about it today, I thought I’d stick up a couple of my Monday morning.


Here’s the gorgeous turquoise yarn from Brook’s Farms in Texas that I’m using to make a top down sweater.  You can see that I’ve been pulling back by all the little sub-balls sitting around the main ball of yarn.

Then I looked over to the left of my office to my WH’s (wonderhusband’s) corner of the of the office, and saw him just sitting there staring at his computer so still that I thought he could perhaps qualify for project…


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